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May 24, 2018

Traditionally people have become more frail the older they get. Our population now consists of more over 50's than ever before (pesky baby boomers), at a time when the NHS is more strapped for cash then ever. 

Everyone has their own ideas about how this may be alleviated, if not actually resolved. Thank goodness most of us do not have to take responsibility for our health........

But wait - perhaps we SHOULD be taking responsibility for our own health? 'But I'm not a doctor!' I hear you moan. No, we are not doctors, but we do have a brain and a body and a degree of willpower. If you are over 50 (or any age), there are two things you can do immediately to help cut the risk of poor health. I won't go into the various statistics on here, you can look those up yourselves, but SUGAR can  be cut from your diet immediately- unless you are a Type 1 Diabetic, and you already know what you have to do-you will find yourself less tired, and will start to shed unwanted pounds straight away. Add to that a daily brisk walk which raises your heart rate and makes you sweat a little bit, and you have already reduced your risk of diabetes and heart attack. The really weird thing about these strategies is that your appetite for sweet things stops almost immediately and you start to feel better in yourself. In particular, the sugar things saves you a mega amount of money. Check everything for sugar, and if it's in there, don't eat it. Be aware that anything ending in 'ose' is a sugar (including milk), and don't let it past your lips. Replace with fruit, veg or nuts.


PS. if you don't fancy walking, you could come to dancing...

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